Video Management & Streaming

Making your video is just the first step.  Although, in fact it should never be the first step, as the strategy behind it is vital to get right first.

Video is such a powerful form of communication that you must also manage it effectively, just as you would any other form of branded communication that tells the story of your company or organisation.  After all, video and television are how your consumers and clients get most of their understanding of the world from, in a medium they trust.

For this reason we offer free consultations on your video strategy and an ongoing comprehensive management system and streaming platform for all of your video content, that sits alongside any other CMS or DMS you may run.

Running on over 15,000 servers across the world your video content is delivered to your audience, bypassing the public internet on a Content Delivery Network (CDN), connecting straight into your audience’s internet service provider, offering super-fast access and global reach.  Having video on your site won’t slow it down, or put pressure on your existing servers, as your site automatically embeds the content from ours.

Some of the benefits of our video streaming platform are:

Reduced buffering:  Our player automatically checks the viewer’s connection speed and delivers the best possible quality they can view, without stalling or re-buffering during playback.

The client remains in control:  Our management tools allow your video to be shared on any number of websites, social network sites and YouTube at the touch of a button, yet it can be re-edited, re-moved or a new version substituted seamlessly, with all platforms changed simultaneously to the new version.  It can also be disabled and ‘turned off’ instantly in case of a development such as a business emergency or PR/press story that makes the video no longer appropriate.  Or if a key member of staff changes who is featured, a simple re-edit or re-shoot can mean your video needn’t be out of date, where-ever it’s shared online.

The important difference is that if a video is uploaded directly to YouTube it can be shared by anyone to all sorts of sites and removing it or changing it is nigh on impossible, as it could be linked around the world within minutes.

ROI:  We offer precise analytics on views, duration watched, browsers, worldwide geographical positioning and social media activity.  Publish to multiple sites and we can  provide you with regular reports as to the web pages where your content has been watched, allowing you to monitor and respond to your audience’s engagement.  The player allows clickable call-to-action prompts that help drive viewers towards clear goals.  This offers excellent ROI.

Interactivity:  We can place over any video on our platform ‘in-video’ ads which are a strap along the bottom of the video, with a text message and an interactive click through button to any website page. This allows direct sales or booking options from the video on whatever site or platform it is shared on.  This has now been extended to allow ‘clickable areas’ on the screen, allowing a number of different messages to be used, depending on the area of the video image that is clicked upon – brilliant for any type of product video.

No advertising – apart from the client’s:  Your users see an unbranded player, there’s no advertising anywhere, and we’ve tweaked every setting to ensure your video looks its best on every site.  YouTube will often search around looking for related videos which could lead your viewers and prospective customers to a rival company, so this function alone makes our professional streaming service a must.


Our video player also features keyboard controls, options for multi-lingual closed captioning and standards-compliant transcripts for the visually impaired, so you can ensure your video content reaches the whole audience.  It allows for comments from viewers, which we can moderate before they are allowed to be visible online.

We offer a number of packages for video streaming whether we produce your videos or not and the entry level is for up to 8,000 views a month.  We’d love to discuss the options with you.