Power of Video

Video – the most powerful of mediums.

How do your customers, supporters and clients get their information about the world, if not through video and television?  So why not in the same way about your brand, company or organisation?

YouTube gets a billion hits a day and 24 hours of new content is uploaded every minute and over 15 million people in the UK are going to watch 200 million videos today.

Some numbers…

“Studies show that people remember merely 20% of what they hear and only 30% of what they see, but an incredible 70% of what they hear and see at the same time.  With this in mind, video is a powerful communication tool.”        

Source: Harvard Business Review

“Video will increase from 30% of internet traffic to 90% of internet traffic by 2013.”

Source: Cisco 2010

“72% of potential customers are more likely to purchase a product or service, if video is used to promote it.”

Source: Harvard Business School research

“52% of viewers took a related action after viewing online video.”

Source: Online Publishers Association: Frames of Reference: Online Video Advertising, Content and Consumer Behaviour

“Retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average.”

Source: Comscore Aug 2010

“With proper optimisation video increases the chance of a front page Google ranking by 53 times.”

Source: Forrester 2010

“Visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not.”

Source: Internet Retailer 2010

“90% Sales uplift for some products on M&S TV which has served more than 1 million minutes of content, with click-through rates up to 30%.”

Source: New Media Age

Online Video is the most Social, Interactive and Engaging Medium

84% of web users in the UK are watching online video, 64% of whom are watching video advertising content.  The biggest market is, unsurprisingly, 15-22 year olds with massive growth in those 45+ as well.

Studies have shown that 1 in 3 video viewers comment, 2 in 5 upload videos, 1 in 2 regularly share videos and more than 1 in 2 view online video with others.

The numbers and their continuing growth, are conclusive proof, if any were required, that businesses in all manner of professions and industries as well as charities and organisations of every type SHOULD be using a variety of ongoing regular video content in their online communications.

Online video content is ubiquitously accessible and ever increasingly monetisable – the amount of content is huge but both the message and the strategy have to be right.

And online video advertising is only just starting….

Whatever you need we can help.  From the earliest idea to the final delivery, it’s what we do.

It’s all about telling stories, so the first question is, what’s your story…and how can we help you tell it?