Media Training

“Time and time again I see companies and organisations floundering when it comes to getting their message across clearly and effectively in the media. Knowing how to approach and engage the media is vital to promote any business, organisation or charity. Good media training is not a luxury but a necessity and one that can help you steal a march on competitors.” 

So says Suzanne Virdee, the award winning print and broadcast journalist, who has presented the Midland’s News for many years on both the BBC and Central.

Cloudscape Communications and Suzanne have joined forces to offer a media training service to stop this “floundering” and address these questions:

Are you nervous when speaking to the media/or making presentations?
How would you handle an unexpected visit from the TV, radio or the press?
What’s the best way to get newsdesks interested in your success stories?
Do you know what makes a good sound bite?
We can work with a groups of up to 4 key people from your organisation offering a full day’s hands on training with vital tips and practical exercises, as well as one-on-one individual intense half day sessions, tailored exactly to your needs.

If any sort of crisis strikes your company are you ready to face the media?  We can help you be effective, turn negatives into positives or at least limit the damage.  We’ll tell you the dos and don’ts and how to feel at ease when being interviewed in all possible situations.

We’ll work with you on scenarios relevant and tailored to your business and give you the confidence and the vital skills that you and your business needs you to have.

If you’d like more information about our bespoke media training, then have a look at our video below and do please do get in touch.

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