The Angels

Our goal as programme makers is to tell amazing stories and one major documentary we have in production is supported by the recent publication of an autobiography and increasingly levels of coverage in the national press and media.

The Angels’ is the truly incredible story of a man and his music, and also featured in May 2013 in The Guardian

In war-battered Birmingham, during 1940’s Britain, Stuart Sharp led a poverty-stricken existence; but it didn’t stop him from dreaming of a better life. Images of angelic music with voices, choirs, and a great orchestra swept through his mind, and inspired the youngster to create his own backyard orchestra. However, the traumatic bullying which he experienced at school quickly extinguished his grandiose ideas, which became all but forgotten.

Many years later, those dreams were re-ignited in a monumental way following the tragic death of his son. Grief-stricken, he held onto the music which seemed to be coming directly from angels. While it was difficult for this hard-drinking pub cook to understand its meaning, his vision gave him comfort in his days of desolation.

In the ensuing years, his mind became so flooded with majestic orchestral pieces; that he made a desperate decision to follow the journey which he saw before him. Despite no musical training, he attempted to propel himself into a new world; and transform the music in his mind into reality. However, convincing his wife and family was the first hurdle and, at the point of no return, he walked out of his job and home.

When living in his car became unsustainable; the streets of London, which he had thought of as paved with gold, became his home; and reality struck hard. He was a penniless, destitute, non-musical pariah, excommunicated from his family. Nevertheless, he saw these new circumstances as part of a life-script, which he would eventually turn into a film.

Through sheer determination, and decades of hard work, Stuart rose from the ashes and became a successful businessman; finally able to afford the astronomical costs of hiring the world’s greatest orchestras and musicians to record the heaven-sent Angeli Symphony, its accompanying duet ‘Nowhere without You’, and all the other music which had been stored in his mind for so long.

Stuart’s book ‘The Angels’, tells how his impossible vision turned tragedy into triumph and is the basis of our film, which we are working on exclusively with Stuart Sharp.

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